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We specialize in providing unique, expressive book covers to authors like you.

A book cover is one of the highest forms of product packaging. It must tell-the-story at a glance and do so in an entertaining or provocative manner. Our book covers will immediately capture the attention and imagination of your potential customers.

Every week we're adding more and more ready-made book cover products for you to choose from. We hope you will find the perfect match for your newly written book in one of our richly illustrated covers. If not, we also take requests. No contracts, no commitments, no strings attached. Just let us know what you are looking for. (See our Contact or Request Form for more details.)

Who are we?

With decades of combined experience, our book cover team (Joseph Maas, cover designer and illustrator, and Shirley Foster, typographer and layout design) has produced book cover design and illustrations for such companies as Addison Wesley, McGraw Hill, Cole Publishing, Benjamin Cummings and many others, Bukava and BestsellerBookCovers.com offers the same level of craftsmanship for a fraction of the cost and in record breaking speed.

What do we do?

We create unique, imaginative, ready-made book covers which are perfect for nearly any subject matter, theme and market. Our covers are expertly illustrated and often surpass the quality of other, more traditionally created book covers simply because each has been created with great care, in an environment that is free from the deadline pressures of any publisher. Plus the combined skill and craftsmanship between design, typography and illustration, often puts our book cover products into a league of their own.

Unlike most other book cover sellers, our covers can be used for both eBook and print media, from single facing, to full wraparound with spine and backcover, expertly adjusted for each medium, you'll have more options with Bukava and BestsellerBookcover.com! And again, we take zero obligation requests for new cover designs!

How to purchase?

The process is simple and easy. Select one of the cover products from our gallery of unique, yet-to-be-purchased covers. Then fill in the on-line form to send us your title, and the rest of the copy you want to see on your cover. If you order a full cover, spine, and back cover product for the traditional press, then of course we will need the additional text and any other material you would like to include on the back cover (e.g. author photo and ISBN bar code.)

How quickly will I receive the files for my cover?

Usually in 1 to 3 days once we receive the text copy for your new cover.


Will my cover be exclusive?

Yes, once a book cover design is sold it will never be resold to another author. It will be uniquely yours!

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at $149 for front-cover-only - eBook and/or traditional printing.

For an upgrade fee of $90, any front-cover-only product can be upgraded for the traditional press adding spine and back cover as expertly designed and illustrated as the front cover. For hardbound editions we also add the inner flaps for the dust cover/jacket. Or of course you can purchase the full $239 product, then immediately produce both eBook and bound versions of your book. In this case we produce two sets of files, one that is color tuned and optimized for traditional printing, and the other for electronic media. Your book cover can be upgraded months, even years after the initial purchase.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We take pride in, and stand behind the quality of our work all-the-way. If you should become dissatisfied at any time during the initial 20 days after purchase, we will refund 100% of the fee, no questions asked. The only condition is that the book cover, nor any part of the cover was put to use in any manner, e.g. published, or used in advertisements, etc.

With that, please know that we offer tremendous flexibility in honing and adjusting any graphic project even after final production. Indeed we will work very hard to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations with each and every product!

Who or what is Bukava?

Bukava is our overall business ID, or umbrella organization that unites our three web sites, each of which offers different book cover styles: UniqueBookCovers.com offers book covers that are largely illustrated. BestsellerBookCovers.com (this site) offers book covers which are more photo-illustrated in nature. ReadymadeBookCovers.com (currently under development) will offer book covers which are largely text based, and as some may describe, simpler and more to-the-point. Bukava.com (also currently under development) is our hub site connecting all three book cover sites, where customers can visit to check out specials and the latest new developments for all of our products.

Any medium


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How about both traditional AND eBook?

One of the ways Bukava and BestsellerBookCovers.com is well, the best, is that we specialize in book cover design and production for both eBook and for the traditional press. From the start, all book covers produced are created at superior print quality resolution. Also, every project includes color tuning and calibration for both eBook and print production methods. This means your new book cover will look great using all the popular readers such as Kindle, iPad, Nook, AND you have the option at any time of going to press!

So if you want to publish initially in eBook format, then later go to press with hardbound or softbound editions, or if you decide to distribute your traditionally printed book in any of the most popular eBook formats, then truly, we've got you covered!

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