JosephPlease feel free to use the form below to submit any questions. My partner or I will send a response a.s.a.p. usually within 24 hours.

Otherwise, you may use the form below to get-the-ball-rollin' on your custom book cover design. YES, we take requests!

With regard to requesting a new book cover design:

Instead of working within the bounds of a formal contact for a custom design, we decided to take a much more informal approach; however, we will always take your request seriously and will make every effort to meet your needs.

Here's the process: We receive a verbal "picture" from you of what you would like to see as the new cover for your book. Then we create a cover that will likely come very close to what you described, and then some. The new cover will go up in our on-line shop (this website) but it will be reserved for your purchase for a two week period. During that time you may exercise your option to purchase the cover. The price will be set at our regular price range for all similar ready-made covers, and will include any minor modifications along with your title and other text.

We also provide traditional, custom book cover design work on a contractual basis. Please see our FAQ for more information regarding this option.

Modifications? YES, we are happy to make minor or moderate changes for any of our customers once a purchase has been made. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so this is a risk free proposition. Much of our work is crafted using state-of-the-art three dimensional rendering technology that utilizes some of the same software used in today's cinema for digital matte paintings and special effects. It is possible to make quick changes to the illustration and compositing work that would take much longer with a more traditional approach. Overall, we'll work with you closely so that you are completely satisfied with your new book cover from

If you have something in mind that you're not finding in our current catalog, please consider making a request. You just might receive exactly what you are looking for, and then some. When working with the project managers at McGraw Hill and others, we were famous for not only getting everything just right on the first pass, but also far surpassing what they had in mind and hitting-the-ball-out-of-the-park more often than not. We always aim for the WOW factor.

Thank you for considering Bukava and Bestseller Book Covers for your new book!

Joseph Maas,
Lead Designer, Bukava /

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