Royalty License 250k

High Volume Press Production Royalty

eBook covers are exempt from all royalty fees.

The following ONLY applies to PRINT production (for this particular book cover product) which exceeds two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) copies in the aggregate. In such a case, the royalty licensing fee of $120 must be paid BEFORE this print volume is reached.

In addition, the licensing fee of $65 will be due again if the aggregate print production exceeds five hundred thousand (500,000) copies in the aggregate. Hence, with every subsequent production of two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) copies, another royalty licensing fee of $65 must be paid.

Please respect the rights of our talented contributing artists and photographers who require this very reasonable royalty fee in exchange for the use of their work in high volume press production.

Thanks very much!
Management, Bukava /

Print Production Royalty Payment

   Purchase of Royalty License - for press/print production

 Amount - $120 (USD) for print production, per 250,000 copies.

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